We believe a thorough physical examination is the key to good medical care. You might notice we spend a lot more time with you and your pet than many other veterinarians. No other test or procedure is as important to your pet’s health than a complete physical examination.

Our technicians and veterinarian will ask you questions about the health history of your pet. Be sure to discuss any concerns or unusual behavior with our team. Medical records will be consulted. Notes will be made on your pet’s diet, water consumption, and on a variety of daily behavior patterns that relate to his or her health.

Temperature, pulse, respiration rate, and body weight will be noted, and then we will begin the physical examination from nose to tail.

A thorough Annual Health Examination is part of our standard protocol. Since your pet matures and ages many times faster than you do, this may change to every 6 months as they get older. This health examination helps determine the general well being of your pet and identifies potential problems. Early detection can help solve a health problem before serious consequences occur and may prevent unnecessary suffering. Remember, one out of four apparently healthy pets has medical problems that needing attention.