Every Month is Dental Month

Bring your pet in for a full examination and estimate for a comprehensive oral health assessment and treatment plan (COHAT). We will apply a 15% dental discount when you return for the scheduled dental cleaning within 30 days of the exam anytime throughout the year!

At Hillsboro Veterinary Clinic, we work with our clients to provide the best options available in dental care for their pets. Good dental care is essential to the health and longevity of your pet.

We partner with Animal Dental Care, a professional company specializing in preventative dental care without anesthesia. This allows clients a path to maintain good dental for their pets between anesthetized dental procedures.

Our technicians can instruct you in various methods of Home Dental Care. These easy techniques can help maintain good oral health between COHATs which are performed under anesthesia. We even offer a wide variety of Oral Health Care Products to aide in keeping in keeping your pet’s mouth clean and healthy!

Our complete oral health assessment and treatments, performed under anesthesia, include pre-surgical blood-work, digital radiographs, pain management and IV fluids to insure a safe and thorough procedure.

Our Multi-Modal approach is the best route to Preventative Dental Care.