August is National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM). This month was created by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and the American Veterinary Medical Association has joined in to stress the importance of vaccines throughout a person (and their pet’s!) lifetime.

In the spirit of NIAM and because we staunchly believe in the importance of vaccinations and their effect on personal and community wellbeing, Hillsboro Veterinary Clinic will be offering one free vaccine with a paid physical exam for all pets throughout the month of August.

As the first line of defense, Immunizations have significantly reduced the prevalence and severity of many formerly widespread diseases. However, vaccinations need to be given throughout life to continually ensure personal and community health. Vaccines offer proven protection against contagious diseases (or lessening symptoms) and preventing their spread throughout local populations. Vaccinations have been so effective that formerly devastating diseases like smallpox and polio have been essentially eradicated in the United States. For our pets, devastating diseases like Distemper in dogs are now a rarity instead of a common tragedy.

The importance of vaccines extends to your pet as well. Like humans, diseases can spread amongst pet populations quickly and severely. Even one unvaccinated pet can introduce potentially deadly diseases into the community, harming pets and people alike. Most immunizations require booster shots to remain effective, meaning staying on a vaccination schedule is critical. Vaccines have shown to be highly effective and are mandatory component of preventative pet care.

Let’s keep our pets healthy and our communities safe. Please contact Hillsboro Veterinary Clinic to schedule your pet’s exam today.