You all know about Jordy our clinic cat and his cute Lion cuts. Well, the reason he was always being shaved is because he would never clean himself, and he was always getting mats. I mean, he was a mess – we never saw him grooming! So last week we had a quiet day, and decided it was time for his Spring hair cut. Since we have to anesthetize him to do it (yes, he’s one of those…) we decided to clean his teeth while we were at it.

Now mind you, he has had his teeth scaled and polished a few times by the wonderful ADC technicians, but we’ve never truly done a real COHAT (Complete Oral Health Assessment and Treatment) on him. His teeth never looked bad, he ate well…

So anyway, we get him anesthetized, and Val starts taking the x-rays of his teeth and OMG – he has all kinds of tooth resorption, cavities, periodontal disease. You name it, he had it going nuts under the gums. Well, after about 3 hours, I finally dug the last bad root out and sutured all the gums back together. I then quickly took the tumor off his back, Val gave him a quick lion cut (not the best, bit of a rush job) and we woke him up.

He was pretty woozy that night and into the next day, but by the weekend he was back to snuggling with our other clinic cat Ghost. I have to tell you though that this week has been a miracle. He is so happy, and he’s actually grooming himself. Did you hear that – grooming himself! And friendly, now he even lets us pet his face. Yep, that poor guy has been living with so much mouth pain all this time, and we didn’t see it.

So the moral of the story for me is this: cats are naturally very clean creatures. If you see a cat with a dirty or matted coat, it is probably time to call the Tooth Fairy!